Manuscript Evaluation


25% deposit


Also known as developmental editing, a manuscript evaluation provides an analysis through an editorial letter detailing concerns and offering recommendations in regards to the plot structure, character development, dialogue, and setting. Additionally, the letter offers feedback on  whether or not the narrative pacing, point of view, and writing style is benefiting the whole of the work. I will check if your story is compelling, believable, and consistent.

- Editorial letter

- Manuscript with comments


$0.01 per word

25% Deposit



This service focuses entirely on the details; I will provide a comprehensive edit addressing grammar, syntax, punctuation, word usage, tense, and spelling errors. While confirming there are no repetitive habits and inconsistencies, I will help maintain consistency in the narrative, in the characters, and in the plot. 

- Free 10 page sample edit

- 1 revision + final edit

- Style Sheets


$0.008 per word

25% Deposit



This service is typically done after preliminary edits have been completed. This is a run through searching for anything that may have been missed. 

- 1 revision + final edit.

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