What are your qualifications?

I have over three years experience tutoring in the creative arts. I've also taken advanced Grammar and Rhetoric courses at UCCS and continuing editing courses online. Though I am currently a senior at UCCS, majoring in Rhetoric and Writing with a minor in Technical Writing, I have experience editing and writing proposals, lab manuals, casebooks, speeches, and creative projects; however, I am particularly fond of books. Being that I myself also love writing and reading, I've found that I much prefer to delve into the soul of other people and do what I can to help them achieve exactly what they've envisioned.

I have memberships with the Editorial Freelancers Association and the National Writers Union. These connections give me access to valuable resources.

I want to be open and honest with you; though I am completely comfortable with manuscripts and have experience editing them, I am new to the freelance editing field. If you are not comfortable working with a noob, I respect your decision and understand!


When should I hire a editor?

Can I bring you an incomplete manuscript?

Can I hire you for more than one service?

- When you've done all that you feel could be done to your book. Not after the first draft – after several. When that dreaded manuscript blindness sets in, and you can't find anything else to edit or revise, then it's time for new eyes.

- I'd much prefer to see a competed draft, that way I can assess the story as a whole and make recommendations. There are some editors that will take work a chapter at a time, but I am not one of them.

- I don't copyedit or proofread works that have received my manuscript evaluation services because I've become too familiar with the project. 


What are your interests? Specialties?

Fiction. Hands down.

I have a passion for dark fantasy, psychological thrillers, horror, and anything magically inspired. I absolutely adore anything with a mythological or pagan undertone! 

On that note, I am not a fan of religious books that seek to promote converting or repenting – if this is your book, I am not your editor.

I don't mind romance or erotica, but if this is the main plot/theme then I'm probably not the best fit for you. I respect the genre, but I'm not an avid reader of these fields.

As for non-fiction, I'm hesitant to accept them simply because I don't read it often, and when I do, I read metaphysical books.


I specialize in character development and dialogue – or so I've been told – and have a knack for understanding how to subtly display emotion in ways that speak loudly to the reader.


What will you not edit?

Do you accept anything other than books?

I do not accept screenplays or poetry.


I will not rewrite your entire book. I've done ghostwriting and co-authoring, and I've found that I am not particularly fond of the process.

I do accept short stories, academic papers, proposals, and speeches. 


Will you take illustration commissions?

No. I enjoy visual art as a hobby, not as a career.


What are your payment options?

Do you have payment Arrangements?

How did you calculate your prices?

- I only accept payments through PayPal.

- Yes, payment arrangements are an option!

- My prices are based on the EFA's Editorial Rates.


Do you require an agreement/contract?

How will I be billed?

How do you accept payment?

- Yes - to protect both of us!

- I send two invoices: one for the deposit (which will accompany the agreement), and one upon completion of the project.

- Only through PayPal


What programs do you work in?

What files will you accept?

- I primarily use Microsoft Word - the program is tried and true.

- PDF, .doc, and .docx


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