Inkonceivable Ren Behan, Author, Tattoo artist

Having built a substantial background as an artist, both in illustration and fine art, Ren developed a passion for conceptualizing subjects and worlds that spark intrigue. And many times, both during high school and during her professional career after college, she wrote novels – but never shared them.

With over six years of working as a professional illustrator, she established a modest reputation. Early in her career, she even designed a few covers for published authors. This time also includes working as a tattoo artist for three years alongside her brother, David Gray, who mentored her. Later, she would adopt her brother's mentor, Mick Arenz, as another mentor. 

Family life would demand she take a hiatus from the tattoo industry during an intense year when her then six-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer. With the many restless nights at the hospital and long clinic visits, writing and drawing became a therapeutic release. 

After a year of fighting through an intense regimen, her daughter won the battle and finished treatment late 2018; her little girl is now on a maintenance schedule that will follow her for ten years.

Ren decided to return to school and complete her BA in English Rhetoric and Writing. She now resides in Florida, and is working as a tattoo artist out of Exclusive Ink Studio in Titusville, FL. 

She writes Literary Dark Fantasy, focusing on philosophies with pagan undertones and dabbles in the arcane punk genre. Her tattoo work is greatly inspired by Japanese and neo-traditional styles, but she specializes in watercolor and sumi-e. She expresses herself through a plethora of different creative mediums, digital or physical, in the effort to share her visions.