Having built a substantial background as an artist, both in illustration and fine art, Ren developed a passion for conceptualizing subjects and images that spark intrigue. But, after working for over six years as a professional illustrator, she was introduced to the tattoo medium by her brother David Gray who became her mentor. Later, she would adopt her brother's mentor, Mick Arenz, as another tattoo mentor. She established a modest reputation in Colorado Springs, CO before moving to Central Florida in 2020 to establish new roots. She now works out of Exclusive Ink Studio with Ronnie "Ace" Cook. 

Ren enjoys writing in her free time, weaving stories in the literary dark fantasy genre with a focus on pagan philosophies. Ren's tattoo work is greatly inspired by Japanese and neo-traditional styles, and she specializes in watercolor and sumi-e. Additionally, her extensive experience in illustration and design allows her to approach many other different styles in tattooing confidently. Ren expresses herself through a plethora of different creative mediums, digital or physical, in the effort to share her visions. Let's get our Ink on!